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Student Forms


Parents/guardians may make adjustments to a student dismissal plan at any time. There are two ways that this can be done:


1. Provide a copy of this Student Dismissal Plan or a handwritten note/email to the classroom teacher indicating a change.

2. Call the Mile Tree Main Office between the hours of 10am-2pm to update the Student Dismissal Plan for the day.

  • Changes to Student Dismissal Plans may not be made through Class Dojo.
  • Student Dismissal Plans should remain as consistent as possible to avoid confusion.
  • If adjusting the Student Dismissal Plan to Car Line (Parent Pick Up), please be sure to read the Car Line Procedures which can be found on the Mile Tree website under the tab “For Families.”
  • Student Dismissal Plans will not allow for students to ride an alternative bus route (unless consistently traveling to an after school program or care provider).
This note is to be used if your child will be meeting a different person at the bus stop than normal. If they are meeting someone unfamiliar to the bus driver, this needs to be completed and sent to the classroom teacher the day of any change.